To promote and provide community education, outreach; and affordable healthcare services for uninsured and underinsured citizens of Detroit, Wayne County, Southeast Michigan, Michigan, USA and the World.


Community Outreach Programs, and
Affordable Healthcare Services for all citizens of Detroit, Wayne County, Southeast Michigan, Michigan, USA and the World.


Urban Health Resource (UHR) was incorporated as Urban Hospital Care Plus (UHCP) in 1992 to promote, organize, manage and administer programs that provide cost effective healthcare services for persons unable to pay for such care.

Under an administrative services agreement with Wayne County until 2003, UHCP managed and financed a program of indigent healthcare for Wayne County residents utilizing a system of funding maximized by federal matching funds.

Doing business as Urban Health Resource (UHR) since 2003, the organization has partnered with other community health stakeholders to promote community educational and outreach services related to the availability of healthcare in Wayne County.

In 2007, Urban Health Outreach, LLC (UHO) was established to further advance UHR’s ability to partner with other organizations with the shared purpose of promoting community health and wellness and providing affordable healthcare for residents of Wayne County.

Pursuant to a unanimous vote of its Board of Directors on September, 2012, a Certificate of Amendment was filed with the State of Michigan to permanently change the corporation’s name from to Urban Hospital Care Plus (UHCP) to Urban Health Resource (UHR). The permanent name change became effective on October 3, 2012.

As collaboration has always been the foundation of UHR/UHO’s service provision, strategic partnerships and additional programming opportunities are continually explored and established to fulfill the organization’s mission of promoting and providing education, outreach and cost effective healthcare services.

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