Training & Workforce Development Program

Job Readiness & Employability Skills Training. 27 hours of training designed to prepare individuals with employability skills that prepare them for success in seeking, securing and maintaining gainful employment.


Each individual will leave the training with:

  • An Individual Strength & Potential Assessment
  • A Resume
  • Job Referrals (as authorized)

High School Job Readiness & Employability Skills Training

  • 27 hours of above training geared specifically for youth
  • Follow-up Mass Job Interviews (mock & actual) for participants of above program

Job Development & Placement Assistance

Identification of community based employers for customer assignment to permanent employment.


Customized Training & One-to-One Direct Job Placement

Thorough analysis and matching of an individual customer’s interests and strengths to the needs, environment and task specifications of community based employers for customer assignment to permanent employment positions.

Experience Coordination: (Adults & Youth

Identification/development of community employers, management oversight of worksites and provision of weekly workshops* for a minimum of four (4) and a maximum of eight (8) weeks culminating with a work performance assessment and employability success plan for each individual.

Job Shadowing Experience Coordination

Coordination of career exploration activity designed to increase customer’s awareness of positions and industries of interest.

Service includes:

  • Identification an integrated, community-based work environment;
  • Coordination of the experience; and
  • Completion of report including observations/feedback from the professional(s) shadowed


Targeted” Programming 

Customized training and/or services designed to meet needs of specific populations.

Community Based /Situational Assessment

Observation of the customer at the worksite to determine the feasibility of the placement including evaluation of:

  • task(s) performance;
  • job duty restrictions;
  • needed job modifications;
  • need for, nature and intensity of job specific supports;
  • capacity to respond to support services including job coaching
  • additional intervention or training needs necessary to maintain the current job; or determination of a more suitable placement

Job Coaching & Skills Training

Intensive one-to-one instruction and advocacy at the work site to enhance individual’s performance and success through:

  • On-site assistance for the worker, co-workers, and supervisor based on community based/situational assessment;
  • On-going assessments via data collection tracking and job-site modification as appropriate;
  • On-site worker support and intensive skills instruction including, but not limited to: techniques to improve and maintain job performance skills and job-related soft skills (e.g. Workplace Etiquette and Communications, Time and Responsibility Management, Teamwork, etc.) and assistance in transitioning from dependence on job coach to self-advocacy including building natural supports through co-workers.


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